Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that there are no ads on the search results pages?
Yes. No ads on the search results pages even with the free service package.
Can I change service plan at any time?
Yes. On the Account Settings tab, click Upgrade account.
Can I cancel any time?
Yes. On the Account Settings tab, click Close account. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you won’t be billed again.
What types of payment do you accept?
Currently we accept credit cards and PayPal.
Can I create multiple search services within a single account?
You will have to create separate user account for each site search service. All of your accounts can share the same e-mail address, but usernames have to be different.
What happens when I exceed the maximum allowed page count?
You will receive an e-mail notification welcoming to upgrade your service plan within 10 days. During this time you can upgrade your service plan or decrease the number of pages in your website. If you fail to make changes within 10 days, search results will be limited to the number of pages that your service plan supports.
What happens if my payment fails?
You will receive several notifications over a period of 20 days after your payment has failed for the first time. If you fail to make your payment within this time, the service will stop working and your visitors will see a friendly message suggesting that the search has been simply turned off.
What is indexing?
Indexing is a process where the search engine checks your website for new and changed pages and updates the search database accordingly. Your first-time indexing is very important, because it actually creates the search database. Subsequent re-indexing ensures that any changes to your website since the previous indexing are included.

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